WhatEverIDoIDoItBig Spencer, 16

Spencer is the most amazing person in the whole world, i love him so so much and i couldn't see my life without him.
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I hope I see you soon, I miss you so much.
I love you so much!
I love our conversations they always make me happy.
You make me happy.
I’m really cheesy teehee

Haai Spencer

I love you


My halloween costume



i am so so so sorry that dance always gets in the way of us seeing each other. I only get to see you on saturdays and im always fucking busy. Please dont quit soccer because you want to see me more.. you love soccer! Please dont let this whole situation ruin our relationship… please dont lose feelings for me because i never get to see you.. you are my bestest friend and i love you. I know youre trying to tell me that us getting to see each other once every two weeks isnt going to ruin anything, but i feel like you want someone that you can see, and have a conversation with face to face.. not just over text.. i know im probably just worrying over nothing, but i always worry.. i worry about little things like me not being able to see you smile, or me not being able to hug you whenever. I see everyone at school holding hands with there boyfriends and i think i want that. i want to be able to see you everyday, just seeing you even if its for only a minute would make me so happy. i know that it wont happen, so i hope that in three weeks when i see you, that saturday will be amazing and it will be good enough to last me a week or two. i love you baby <3

forever and ever <3

love always, Savannah


Dear Spencer,

hiiiaaa. :)

Its Savannah, i just wanted to write you a little note so here i go.

You are my best friend ever, weve been friends for almost two years. The first time i meet you, you were to be honest kind of an asshole but a very sweet one at that :) When i actually got to know you, you were one of the sweetest, funniest, cutest guy ever. You have this smile thats to die for and you have to best eyes in the world, i love the colour so much. We had some awesome times at sylvan :P with the retarded child that called me a whore -_- I began talking to you more and more, i started to like you, you were on of the most amazing guys ive ever met :$ thinking you would never like me back, i kept my distance… well one day you told me you liked me, i was so happy. We dated for a while, but i ruined it being the psychotic bitch i am i broke up with you … twice. IM STILL SO SORRY FOR THAT, i actually have know idea what i was thinking… i still get upset with what i did now. It always leaves me thinking, why would i ruin something that made me so happy. Was is because of the distance? Was is because i didnt want a relationship? Was it because i just didnt want someone so close to me? i have no idea.. you got really mad at me because of what i did and wouldnt talk to me for three weeks, i figured i deserved it though. I again started to get feelings for you because your so fucking amazing, i figured you hated me. Here we are 5ish months later. I actually have never cared for someone as much as i care for you. Im surprised you can even put up with me :P cause of things you already know. You mean the world to me spencer, i love you so so much. Even if you hated me, i would still be there for you if something was wrong. <3 i mean that. well we just had our one month anniversary, and this time it’s going to last. (I HOPE) i jsut realized how long this is :P youre probably going to laugh at me because of this :D any ways. back to my note. You are so so so sweet, <3 even if you tick me off someway (You know what i mean) i cant stay mad at you for longer the 5 minutes. you always put a smile on my face even if im at my lowest. GOODNESS you are just so perfect. OH OH OH OH i love your music taste (even though you dont like queen -_-) OH ONE MORE THING. its so clear in my mind, the night that you told me your little problem and i spilled my guts out to you about home much i cared about you, and never wanted to lose you. i was crying so much, i just couldnt think straight. losing you is just ugh. Promise me that whatever happens we will always be best friends.

im so so so sorry this is so long! 

i love you spencer <3

love, Savannah   

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